Yankee Candle Black Cherry Reed Diffuser

Yankee Candle Black Cherry Reed DiffuserThis attractive reed diffuser continuously delivers the same long lasting, true-to-life Yankee fragrance you expect from their best loved...

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Cowshed Grumpy Cow Uplifting Room Candle - 235g

Grumpy Cow Uplifting Room Candle Infuse any room with an uplifting citrus fragrance. Grumpy Cow Uplifting Room Candle is a citrus blend that leaves you feeling energised with essential oils of red mandarin, petitgrain and grapefruit. Red...

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Arran Aromatics Tall Glass Pillar Candle, Island Spa

Formulated with relaxing and rejuvenating lavender and spearmint, combined with indulgent notes of geranium, sage, patchouli and galbanum, Island Spa is the ideal range to revive and uplift the mind and body.An aromatic candle, housed in an elegant...

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Best Kept Secrets Natural Scented Candle Tins - Heather & Wild Berries

Scented Candle Tin | Heather & Wild Berries - A fresh, fruity candle that will make your home smell divine! Handmade using high-quality wax and the finest fragrances, The Heather & Wild Berries smells like raspberries with a distinct outdoor...

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Best Kept Secrets Happy Anniversary Scented Candle Tin

Best Kept Secrets Happy Anniversary scented candle tins. Happy Anniversary scented candle tin. Seriously scented candles decorated with a sprinkling of glitter. Happy Anniversary is Energising spices of nutmeg, mandarin and vanilla. Perfect...

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True Love Handmade Seriously Scented Candle By Best Kept Secrets Made In The UK

True Love Scented Candle by Best Kept. SecretsBeautifully fragranced with strawberries and pineapple to get you in a romantic mood. A perfect gift for the one you love. Decorated with a red heart and glitter. Relaxing yet exciting.True Love Scented...

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Yankee Candle Christmas 5 Votive Candle Gift Set

Yankee Candle Christmas 5 Votive Candle Gift SetVotive Candle Gift...

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Fruit Mix 10 Wax Tarts

Yankeeand#160;Candle Pack of Ten Fruit Wax Tarts- Mixture of 10 different fragrances About Yankee Candle Wax Tarts Discover the exceptional, easy-to-use home fragrancing of our Tarts wax potpourri. There is no wick and no flame to burn away...

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Yankee Candle Red Raspberry Large Jar

Housewarmer (Jar Candle) Large, 623 g The classic Yankee Candle Housewarmer Scented Candle. Handle Housewarmer with care, as the glass jars are fragile. Please do not refill jar with wax or reuse if the glass is broken or damaged. During its use,...

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